Grey Havens Inn and Chef Esau Crosby
Welcome You to Our Premier Spring
International Wine Dinner

In Collaboration with National Distributors

Friday, June 15th

Egon Muller, “Chateau. Bela” Riesling, Czechoslovakia, 2016
Sour Mushroom Soup

Leyda, Sauvignon Blanc, Chile, 2017
Salt Cod Fritters with Roasted Red Pepper Aioli

D. Brunier, “Le Pigeoulet” Rhone Blend, France, 2016
Braised Lamb with Potatoes

Pinyolet, Garnacha, Spain, 2014
Spiced Rubbed Roasted Ribeye with Sofrito

Vermouth, “Mata” tinto, Spain
Orange Cake with Apricot Sherbet

Seats are limited so please call to reserve, (207) 371-2616.